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The Exciting Works of Felix Dartmouth
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Bondage Weekend
Video #02
Video #3
Sent For Traing
Video #4
Bondage Appointment
Video #5
Hotel Bondage Photo
Video #7
Transporting Janine
Video #6

All of Felix's videos can be purchased directly from the Archives BBS website!
He also offers a great membership site, along with CD's and super text and story files.

Clip lengths vary from 5-14 minutes in length.

Note: The files are large are 6-15 MEGs each, thus DSL or CABLE MODEM are preferred for quick download.
Dial-up connections may experience up to 40-80 minutes of download per file.

Each real video clip is encased in a zip file for ease of download and it is important that you follow the instructions at the bottom of on how to rename and download these files.   It is very easy.  Once downloaded, you will need a program like WINZIP to unzip the *.rm file to your hard drive and then Real Video Player 8 or higher to view the clip.  You can get the FREE Player by clicking here.    Note:  The new "Real One" player has replaced the Real Player 8.    Once you enter your credit card information and the transaction is complete, you will be taken to a receipt page with your files are listed.  These are the links that are used to download the clips.  Don't forget to rename them.  NOTE:  This RECEIPT page cannot be bookmarked and emailed.  If you lose the connection or close the browser, you will lose this page.  You will have to contact support below to have the clips emailed to you...  Please note, you must have a valid email address to receive these clips.  Be careful as email addresses like Yahoo, or hotmail... they have a limit on the size of files that can be attached...usually 1 meg or less and these zip files are 6-15 MEGs large.  PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!!

Sorry, none of the videos offered as video clips are available for purchase.  They can only
be obtained via electronic download and this site. 

Any questions on downloading can be directed to SUPPORT


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